Tips for staying fit this summer

Allergic to the gym? Don't fret! We reveal the little things you can do throughout your day to keep fit, healthy and smiling this summer!

12:0AM, Nov 2

Allergic to the gym? Don't fret! We reveal the little things you can do throughout your day to keep fit, healthy and smiling this summer!

At school

Get moving
Instead of sticking to your table at lunch, why not take a stroll around the school with your mates? Increasing your movement allows you to stretch and relieve your body, not to mention squeezing in the extra gossip time!

Take the stairs
Walking up stairs is an easy (shoes permitting) way to increase stamina and fitness levels. Once you've built up resistance, try tackling two stairs at a time — it's a great cardiovascular workout!

Get off the bus one stop early
Provided that you're not running late for class, walking that little bit further is a great way to de-stress and make you feel refreshed and focused. You could even meet a friend at their stop and walk together.

At home

Clean up
Earn some extra brownie points with the 'rents and do your own chores. Housework requires movements like lunging and squatting, so mix it up as you go.

Social squats
Convos with your crush aside, why not get moving while you're on the phone? Standing, stretching or squatting burns more energy than sitting and helps to strengthen the muscles of your lower back and legs.

Ditch the remote
Believe it or not, simply ditching your remote control and getting up to change the channel gives you a chance to stretch and relieve any (Gossip Girl marathon induced) tension. Simple!

Out and about

Ride your bike instead of driving
Not only will you give your chauffeur mum a nice break, you'll also get a great leg and butt workout. Mix it up from hills to flats and build up speed and endurance.

Do a few more laps of the shopping centre
Who needs a pair of dumbbells when you've got a set of shopping bags that weigh a ton? Doing a few more laps of the mall will help strengthen your arms and boost your vitality. Research has also found that browsing boosts activity in the brain's left prefrontal cortex, which is linked to happiness and positive thinking. Um, score!

Organise a sporty date
Instead of hitting the movies, why not grab a buddy and organise a social exercise sesh? Having that extra person around will help keep you motivated and totally boost the fun levels.

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fit and fabulous

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