10 things only girls with red hair will know...

  1. People assume you’d make beautiful redheaded babies with Prince Harry. But clearly don’t pay attention in Biology… it’s a recessive gene so you’re kind of a big deal.

  1. It’s impossible to hide in group photos! But hey, your hair is a BEACON OF JOY when your friends are lost in a crowd.

  1. You’re constantly asked, “Is that your natural colour?” Heck yeah it is. Red is also the hardest shade to maintain if you do dye your hair and natural redheads won’t grey as much as other colours in the future. #justsayin

  1. Even though he might not know it yet, you have a deep and meaningful bond with Ed Sheeran…

  1. …And Bella Thorne, Emma Stone and most of the Harry Potter cast.

  1. The best Disney heroines also happen to be redheads. Merida and Ariel? A million times better than Aurora and Jasmine.

  1. When you get angry, you can blame your ‘fiery temper’ – totes legit.

  1. You’ve got a pretty awesome sense of humour because you’re used to such HILARIOUS jokes like “your face looks as red as your hair” after PE. facepalm

  1. You have a mortal enemy: the sun.

  1. You’re a rare and beautiful breed. Only 2% of the world’s population are redheads. So you don’t have to worry about being unique – your hair does it for you!