13 things every girl with acne is sick of hearing

Blocks ears LA LA LA LA, can't hear you.

By Beauty Heaven's Caitlin

From doctors to friends, family and even strangers on the street, we’ve heard it all when it comes to acne "advice" and if you're living with spots RN we're sure you've heard these too...

1. “You really shouldn’t squeeze that pimple.”

This isn’t our first pimple rodeo, and are well aware of this. But when we said you needed to accessorise for night out, a whitehead the size of Tasmania smack bang in the middle of our forehead was not really what we were after.

2. “Do you sleep with your make-up on?”

Not only have we removed every last shred of make-up, but we've also cleansed your skin (twice), toned it and followed this with a spot treatment. So shhhhh.

3. “Maybe it’s your diet.”

Hmmm possibly, but if we have to give up gluten, dairy AND sugar, what else is left to enjoy at meal times? Or on the PLANET?!

4. “Have you tried cutting out chocolate?”

Er, have you read this article?

5. “Your skin looks fine to me!”

We appreciate this person is trying to make us feel better, but us and everybody else in a 10-metre radius can clearly see that ginormous spot on our faces.

6. “Ugh, I’m breaking out too.”

If anyone complains about one tiny, that-time-of-the-month pimple when our faces are full of the pesky buggers, no matter the time, we're gonna consider ending that friendship on the spot. Pun intended.

7. “It’s just hormones, you’ll grow out of it.”

Hope so, really hope so prays to clear skin gods.

8. “Have you tried [insert popular brand here]? It worked for me/my neighbour/her second cousin’s sister.”

What works for one person will not necessarily work for us too, but thanks for the recommendation - we'll add it to the list.

9. “Just pop on some foundation and forget about it.”

Easy for you to say, Miss Porcelain Skin. Meanwhile, us pimply girls are over here looking like Miss Rocky Road.

10. “You shouldn’t wear make-up so much.”

Maybe you’re right, but we like to at least pretend our skin is #flawless for a few hours.

11. “Does that hurt?”

Large, inflamed cystic acne is not just unsightly, but painful too. Lucky us.

12. “It doesn’t look like the type of acne that will scar, so at least you’ve got that.”

Our future selves are thankful, but our current selves are still focusing on the mounds on our faces and how to get rid of/cover/forget about them forever.

13. "You look so different without make-up!”

Somehow we not sure that was a compliment, but we'll take it anyway.

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