Ariana Grande is so dedicated to that #PonytailLyf, she cuts holes in her hats

When you gotta block out those rays but want fly hair at the same time.

By Sammy Stewart

Kween of the up-do; Ariana Grande has taken her love for ponytails to a whole new level.

Over the weekend Ari was hanging out with her friends and took quite a few snaps. Eventually, fans noticed something kinda gravity-defying about her famous pony; babes had cut a hole in her hat to accommodate for her hair.

10/10 for dedication to the PT life.

It's safe to say the internet was ~mesmerised~.

When a fan actually asked Ari herself about the hairy situation, Ari denied actually cutting a hole in her hat solely for the ponytail, but did explain how she managed to do it: