Ariana Grande has released her Mac Viva Glam collection!

heavy breathing

MAC cosmetics has revealed its newest Viva Glam spokeswoman as the one and only kWeEeEeEeeeeeen Ariana Grande.

bows down

Just try not to internally combust when you see the #Amaze collection.

The limited edition collection will go on sale online January 13, 2016 and then in stores January 21 (in the US anywayz), and it includes various lipsticks and glosses in colours that scream Ariana picked.

Being the super duper good person she is, all proceeds from the collection will be headed towards helping men, women and children that are affected with HIV/AIDS... bless her soul.

"I fell in love with the brand at a young age. All of the money made from the lipsticks and the glosses goes towards people affected by HIV/AIDS, and that's a big thing. A lot of brands will give a percentage, or a 'proceeds to go this cause,' but this is all of the money. Every penny made."

Saint Grande.

And for the most important info - the collection will finish up on February 1, 2017!

There's no news on whether or not they will be available in Australia straight off the bat, but don't worry guys, they'll probably pop up on eBay for $900 plus your soul and first born.

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