Ashley Tisdale's new makeup collection is seriously ~illuminating~


By Bianca Mastroianni

Ashley Tisdale has had a lifetime of ~glam squads~ doing their thang on her, so news she's releasing her own makeup collection comes as no surprise.

"I've been in the entertainment industry since I was 3 years old," Ashley told Seventeen, "and have always been fascinated with the glam process of a job. Through the years, I've been able to work with some amazing makeup artists and, naturally, have picked up some beauty tips along the way."

Illuminate cosmetics include cheek and lip tints, glosses and shadow palettes that are legit #2die4.

Not to mention they will only put you US$9-$18 (so around $11-20 Aussie dollars) out of pocket.


Ashley entered the blogging world back in 2015 with The Haute Mess which shows off her absolute love of makeup and gives an insight into her fave ~beauty looks~.

Seventeen spoke to Ashley about her line, which comes out early May and can be bought right here.

"The Illuminate woman is laid-back, but loves to be fun, creative, and glamorous with her makeup. She's definitely a girl on the go! You can put it in your purse and be armed with makeup to use any occasion!"

"These palettes are extremely versatile. When you're told that something is contour or highlighter or blush it's easy to get stuck in how you use them. My makeup artists have taught me that you can take contour and put it with a darker colour on your eyes, or use the highlighter as an eye shadow instead of just on your cheekbones. Sometimes I even use the lightest eye shadow color as a highlighter. There are no rules for these palettes!"


The range is full of summer vibes, but Ashley promises an autumn collection is coming soon."There is definitely going to be a fall collection coming out, where we will be expanding and delivering different beauty products. Stay tuned!"

Oh we will.