Beauty blogger uses this ~sex~ product as a primer, and whaaa?

Just because you can put lube on your face, doesn’t mean you should.

By Erin Cook

Okay, so this beauty tutorial is a little bit left of field.

It has come to vlogger Huda Beauty’s attention that some of the ingredients in primer – namely, silicon – can also be found in lube, Vagisil and laxatives.

She goes when no beauty blogger has gone before and INTENTIONALLY puts lubricant on her face.

Huda’s lube of choice? K-Y Jelly lube. “It’s actually quite similar to a lot of the silicon based primers you might see out there. It does have glycerine in there.”

“I’m going to start first with the K-Y lubricant and I’m putting it on one side of my face.” She squirts the lube onto her fingers and then rubs it on. “It feels soothing but not very hydrating. Definitely feels like it’s water based. It’s going to be great for oily type skin.”

Huda lets the product sink in a little bit and doesn’t hate the way it makes her skin feel. “This side actually feels really great where I’ve applied the lubricant… It doesn’t really feel strange.”

After that point, things start to go a little downhill. Once makeup us applied to the area, the lube starts to clump and peel off. In Huda’s words, “there’s like these little pieces. It almost looks like dead skin. This is not good.”

She waits a few hours and then gives us the verdict. To squirt lube on one’s face or not to squirt lube on one’s face?

Apparently, it’s a no from Huda seeing as the lube rubs off at any opportunity. Well, THANK GOD we put that beauty conundrum to rest.

Don’t try this at home. Or do. Up to you.