These Beauty Bloggers dumpster dive for products and ummm... gross?

Some will call it "recycling".

By Bianca Mastroianni
Beauty Bloggers dumpster dive for products

Sure, the 100 layers challenge was up there with the weirdest things beauty bloggers do. Same goes with using Cheetos to curl your hair or a knife to contour your face... but nothing compares to this.

According to Broadly, YouTube vloggers like Shelbizleee and Trina have been gaining a massive following for dumpster diving for products.

Um, gross?

Their main goal is that there is a lot of $$$ in illegally reselling products. In the video posted below, Shelbizleee raves about a collection of over $2000 worth of makeup, which she picked up from the back of her local ULTA store.

"I know I can always go to an ULTA dumpster and always [find] something," she says.

If the main question in your head rn is "what about how unhygienic this is?!?!?!", well, she doesn't care.

“If you think this is gross, I could not care less," she tells viewers. "I think this is awesome."

Vlogger Trina actually shows the real experience, taking her camera with her to the bins.

It is interesting to see how many products are thrown in the trash... but we aren't so sure we could handle this. Could you? Let us know.