The secret behind Bella Hadid's ~glowing~ skin has FINALLY been revealed

So THAT'S how she does it.

By Matt Galea
Bella Hadid's facialist reveals her beauty secret

Pretty sure we can all agree that Bella Hadid slaaaaayed the VS Fash Show this year!

We're totally vibing on the model's long, lush locks, her killer looks, like that mad stare she gave her ex-bae, The Weeknd, and most of all, her ~glowing skin~.

Ever wondered how Bellz and other goddess-like models get that epic glow? Of course you have! And we've got the answer for you...

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New York facialist, Mzia Shiman spilled the secrets behind Bella's pre-show routine:

"I worked with Bella the night before the show,” she told Teen Vogue. "She has the most beautiful skin, but to prep for such a big event, I wanted to give her a little brightening, hydration, plumping and freshness.

“The results stay for 72 hours,” she explains. “This facial plumps the skin, making it very hydrated. Your skin soaks in an oxygen infusion like a sponge, and your pores look beautiful.”

The renowned facialist used Decléor Aromessence Rose d'Orient Oil Serum on Bella’s face to create that softening effect and to reduce redness and irritation. Then, she layered on the Decléor Aurabsolu Hydrogel Mask, and left it on for 15 minutes to make Bellzy's skin soft and gorj.

“This sheet mask is phenomenal as it’s designed specifically for tired skin,” she continued. “You don’t even need to apply moisturiser or any other product following — it’s that hydrating.”

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To finish off the model's glorious glow, Mzia touched up her eyes and lips.

“Right before makeup, I gave Bella two of the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Eye Masks for puffiness and the Rejuvenate Lip Mask to really plump up her pout,” she finished.

And that's how it's done! Sounds easy enough...right?

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