Cameron Dallas shows how he used to photo shop his acne out of his own pics

People would ask "what happened to your face?"

By Bianca Mastroianni
Cameron Dallas used to photoshop his acne out of photos

Cameron Dallas has just partnered up with skincare brand X-Out.

His skin is crystal clear and absolutely gorj, so it makes sense that he's a new ambassador for the brand... but it wasn't always the case.

The new partnership has urged Cam to come clean on Instagram about his old photoshopping habits, admitting that he used to edit out all his acne in photos.

"I was a late bloomer in high school, and I never had any acne. People all the time used to touch my face and ask how my skin was so clear. It wasn’t until out of high school when I started getting really bad acne.

"I used to get made fun of by people that would see me in public and I used to hide from people that would see me and ask for a picture. For me, it sucked because I already had fans at this point, but I felt like I hated myself because I didn’t look like I used to anymore. I didn’t have that smooth skin.

"Instead of people asking me why my skin was so clear, people would ask ‘what happened to your face’ and say ‘why don’t you have acne in photos’ which completely destroyed me on the inside and my self confidence. It got to a point where I literally had to use photoshop to edit out the acne myself."

Ouch, poor Cam.

He went on to reveal that after really looking after his skin, he started seeing results. Cam is still a total bae (with or without acne), as you can see by his VERY pleasing Instagram pics, and is encouraging others struggling with acne that it will be OKAY.

Seriously, basically everyone gets it as some stage in their life. There's no point hiding or photoshopping it out of photos.