12 comic inspired makeup tutorials perfect for Halloween

Get practising RN!!

By Emma Akam

Halloween is fast approaching so it is time to pick a costume for the ~spoOooOky~ night. Since we can't just magically transform into our favourite character, the next best thing is to sit back and learn how to replicate their look. We've picked our top 12 comic themed makeup tutorials inspired by badass super-villains and iconic superheros.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

With the new release of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is set to be this years most popular halloween look. Miranda Hedman recreated Harley's signature ponytails and smudged makeup look after watching the films first trailer. Watch the full video here.


If you're scared of spiders, this look might not be for you! But if you love Spiderman, you can recreate his female version for Halloween. Denean Dale creates an inspired look with SUPER glittery blue eyeshadow. Watch the full tutorial here.

Wonder Woman

The most notorious female comic hero would have to be Wonder Woman. Shonagh Scott recreates the look with a comic inspired twist, perfect for a Halloween party. You can check out the whole video here.


Recreate the iconic Superwoman look by purchasing a costume and applying super simple makeup. JordysBeautySpot makes turning to Superwoman look easy with only two key features: bright eyes and a poppin' red lip. Check out the whole full here.

Captain America

Following the release of Captain America: Civil War the internet has filled up with female versions of the superhero. Learn how to recreate a comic inspired Miss Captain America look from Bodmon Zaid. Watch the full video here.

Pop Art Character

Pop art inspired looks are another popular trend you'll be seeing this Halloween. Look like you're a comic character come to life by watching the, actually super-easy, tutorial by Claire Dim. Check it out here.


Batman and Batgirl superfan Charisma Star creates an inspired look with deep purple and rich gold makeup. This look is perfect for a hero themed Halloween party! Watch the whole video here.

The Joker from Suicide Squad

Jared Lato plays the ~crazily~ creepy Joker in Suicide Squad and that creepiness makes it a perfect Halloween look. Crystal Lindy recreates his look with green hair and eyebrows! Watch the full tutorial here.


Instead of going in the classic cat costume for Halloween, change it up with a comic themed version. FreshBlush recreates the Catwoman look from the 1992 film, Batman Returns. Watch the whole tutorial here.

Poison Ivy

Fancy playing a badass super-villain? If yes, then Poison Ivy is the character for you. FreshBlush creates an awesome Halloween tutorial with ~sooo~ much glitter! Check out the tutorial here.


For those who are Marvel obsessed and willing to spend an entire night looking exactly like their fave character, then Madeyewlook's YouTube channel is your dream. Amazingly this look is created with only 5 products (how!?). Watch the full tutorial here.

Black Widow

If you're a fan of The Avengers then dressing up as Black Widow is the perfect option for Halloween. Cosplay YouTuber Alexa Poletti shows you how to recreate the look for Marvel's super sneaky spy, deadly assassin and badass super hero. Watch the entire tutorial here.