This one thing you use every day could be causing you to break out

Get cleaning.

By Samantha McMeekin

Getting a pimple or suffering from a breakout can be an emotional rollercoaster, which we just DON'T have time to deal with.

We can blame our bad eating habits, not washing our makeup off at the end of the day or WHATEVS on that darn pimple, but did you ever expect THIS to be the culprit?!


Think about it, do you listen to music every day at school, on your commute or while dancing around your room? And then put the exact same earphones into a handbag or whatnot?

Yep, you can only imagine the kind of gunk they might collect. Not just on the earbuds, but the wires that hang from them as well.

"Bacteria can certainly colonise or grow on any surface and may cause acne and even skin or hair-follicle infection," says dermatologist Rebecca Tung. "Regular cleaning of technology that touches your face, like earbud wires, can keep these bacteria from wreaking havoc on your complexion."

The solution? Wipe over your earphone wires with alcohol and try keeping them in a case and not loose around your bag.

^ Us frantically washing our earphones from now on.

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