Is Dove Cameron dying her hair pink?

We are SHOOK!

Dove Cameron is unrecognisable with her new hair

Dove Cameron is thinking about undergoing a seriously drastic hair makeover, and it involves dramatically altering both her colour and her length. The Disney Channel darling took to Twitter to share her super exciting plan for a major hair makeover she has been brewing up – and share her thoughts on swapping her blonde tresses for a pink bob.

"Imma cut my hair short and dye it baby pink I think," the actress said.

Although she may have gone from honey blonde to platinum, Dove has been a blondie for her whole entire life. In other words, trading her light locks for a pink shade would literally be one of the biggest beauty transformations of her life (aside from her iconic purple Mal wig for Descendants, of course.)

Now before you say, "I cannot picture Dove with pink hair," just wait until you see these fan edits of Dove's potential hair makeover.

"Ur hair looked short enough to just edit it," one of Dove's fans wrote alongside the picture she edited.

If that picture didn't convince you that Dove would actually slay with pink hair, then this second one is sure to do it.

"Here's another version," the fan tweeted at Dove.

So cool! Even though she's hasn't permanently tried any other colors, Dove has rocked quite a few wigs in her day. Aside from her purple styles in Descendants and Descendants 2, she also donned a green wig in Liv and Maddie for the Season 4 Halloween episode.

It's confirmed. Dove would rock baby pink hair quite fabulously, if you ask us. Now it's hard to tell if Dove is just simply playing around or if she is seriously considering getting this dramatic makeover.

All we know is Dove is a total goddess no matter what she looks like, and we'd be here for it.

Source: Twist magazine.

Author: Emily Brozyna.