'Unicorn Tears' is the newest makeup product you need and deserve


Brace yourselves, unicorn lovers! Because all of your dreams are about to come true.

Cult beauty label Farsali latest offering is an antioxidant serum-cum-primer that is literally called 'Unicorn Tears' because it promises to make your skin glow like a goddamn unicorn.

The breakdown? Unicorn Tears uses an oil-free formula that is rich in antioxidants like goji berry, acai berry and blueberry (great for anti-ageing) - and while the liquid itself is of the 'glittery pink' variety, it only contains a "fine grain sparkle", which leaves you glowing (good) not sparkling (bad).

Massage two or three drops of the serum into your skin after moisturising and before applying foundation for the best effect. You can also use on your eyelids as it makes for an awesome eyeshadow primer.

Farsali made a name for themselves - and earned a casual 1 million Instagram followers - with their 24K Rose Gold Elixir, a luxe daily moisturiser that is made with actual 24 karat gold flakes, which is basically the beauty equivalent of doing this...

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While there is no official launch date or price for Unicorn Tears yet, we do know that it will be released as a limited edition product and that you can pre-order it here come December 7th.

They had us at 'unicorn' tbh.