10 essential beauty products every girl should hide in her formal clutch

You'll be ready for anything if you pack these.

By Emma Akam

Your school formal is coming up and you have to prepare ~everything~ you possibly can beforehand. Since you can’t carry the entire contents of your bathroom supplies around on the night, we’ve come up with the top beauty items you should be including in your formal clutch.

1. Blotting paper

Hide away a few blotting papers to absorb any excess oil and keep your skin shine-free throughout the night. NYX blotting paper for $6.95 from Priceline will help you keep that matte finish.

2. Breath mints

You’re going to be eating throughout the night but obviously you want to keep your breath smelling nice and fresh, so grab yourself a packet of Tic Tacs before the big night. Top tip: put a few in a small sandwich bag instead of taking the box; this will stop that rattling noise the mints make as they move around!

3. Lipstick

Not all lipstick will withstand the test of time so it's best to have your original colour for those just-in-case moments. After applying all your make-up, remember to put the lippy in your purse so you can touch up. Our favourite is the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade 'Berry Boost' available at Priceline for $17.95.

4. Cotton tips

Place a few cotton tips in your purse in case you have any make-up emergencies. Simply wet the tip and lightly touch the area that's out of place. Great for those pesky mascara smudges! This pack of Beauty Essentials Cotton Tips is available for $1.99 at Priceline.

5. Bobby pins

Calling every girl who plans to wear some kind of up-do to formal, bobby pins are your new best friend. This 90-pack of SCUNCI Bobby pins for $5.99 is great for fixing up those little bits of hair that just don’t want to stay up. Your friends will ~love~ you for bringing spares.

6. Safety pins

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen so it is best to be prepared. Take a spare safety pin in your purse to save any tears or splits that might happen from too much dancing. Remember to make sure it's in a safe place and closed.

7. Perfume

Obviously you want to stay smelling nice during the night, but it isn’t really possible to take a big bottle of perfume. Well Sephora offers travel-size perfumes which can easily fit in your tiny clutch. Our favourite is Daisy Fragrance by Marc Jacobs available for $27. Top tip: Sample sizes are a great alternative to these and most likely to be free. #Winning

8. Deodorant

The night is going to be full of dancing and partying so it's natural to sweat. Head to your local Woolworths to pick up a travel-size deodorant that can help control any signs of sweating.

9. Compact mirror

No-one likes to be in the middle of talking then realise there's something in their teeth, right!? Best way to avoid that awkwardness is to pack a small compact mirror so you can check your face, just in case. If you don’t already, make it a number one priority. Try the MANICARE Compact Mirror, available for $9.49 from Priceline.

10. Band-aids

It's usually assumed that formal night means wearing high heels that make your feet kill. When they start rubbing on your heels it can be the worst. Prepare yourself by taking a couple of band-aids in your purse to slap on if you’re in pain. You’ll be the first aid KWEEN of the dance!