This girl accidentally spent $1000 at Sephora on her mum's credit card and is freaking out

We would 100% be the same, tbh.

We've all been there when shopping online: a few hours of innocent browsing and suddenly we have a basket filled with $2,487 worth of things we want but could never afford.

While we always thought this was a risk-free past time, after hearing this girl's story we've now realised that we were so wrong.

15-year-old Sephora obsessive, Alex Dello, was just doing what any beauty fiend would do by stuffing her Sephora wish list with $982 worth of makeup goodies. However, when she went to check her gift card balance, it all went wrong. Like seriously wrong.

We'll just let her explain.

"Every girl in the world who is a makeup hoarder has their Sephora basket filled with things they don't necessarily need, just, like, palettes and stuff that they want. So, yeah, I have a Sephora basket filled with things that I want. $733 [AUD $982] worth of things that I want," she explained.

"I, being the makeup fiend that I am, went to enter this old gift card, to see if there was anything on it," she continues. "There wasn't anything on the card, and the order went through. [Mum's] card is the card that I use for my Sephora account, meaning that it's already set up and I don't need to enter any more information for the order to go through. So, I texted my mother, and now we wait."

Oh. My. God.

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Alex told Buzzfeed that she tried to cancel the order by calling up Sephora's customer service, however they couldn't help.

"Not being the main cardholder and me not even having that credit card on hand, there was nothing she could do to cancel, I couldn’t prove that it was my card, it basically looked like fraud and I tried to back out of the crime,” she said.

In this situation, all she could do was text her mother and hope for the damn best.

"I texted my mother and now we wait for either my death or a really good makeup haul," she said in the video. "If my girl Theresa doesn't pull through and cancel this order, there's not only gonna be a credit card fraud case, there's gonna be a homicide case. Marsha's gonna get me."

Thankfully, her mum was ridiculously chill about the whole thing and decided to let Alex keep the accidental haul as a Christmas present. Yes, this girl just got a grand of makeup as a gift.

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This is either a hilarious mistake or the most cunning plan to get a whole bunch of free makeup from the 'rents ever. In any case, this is just some straight up #MumGoals.