You can now have glow in the dark hair, and yep, it's as magical as it sounds

There is never a time where glow in the dark hair wouldn't be necessary.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Anything that glows in the dark will always hold a special place in our hearts. We aren't sure why, but no matter how old the discovery is, it'll always make us go "ooooh."

That's why, this new ~hair trend~ is everything we need in our lives. Who would have thought we could one day dye our freaking hair glow in the dark?

Technically, this trend is called "phoenix hair," and its's created with rainbow hair dye that is designed to glow under black light.

Guy Tang, the genius behind this trend uses Kenra Colour Creative Neon Collection dye, which will transform the hair into fluorescent ~rainbow~ shades.

Having your hair as blonde as possible is the key to its success.

Not only does it #slay under black light, but look how gorgeous it is in natural light...

What a time to be alive.