Watch how much gunk a DIY msk pulls out of this Vlogger's face and feel satisfied forever

You'll want to try this immediately.

By Amber Manto

There’s something grossly thrilling about witnessing dead skin peel off your feet or a massive pimple being popped. Are we all a bunch of weirdos? Yes. Do we need help? Possibly.

In this latest edition of “weird and gross stuff vloggers do”, YouTuber beautybyjosiek applied a DIY charcoal blackhead remover mask to see if it really works and HOLY CRAP it removes EVERYTHING. Intrigued? Damn straight you are.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: activated charcoal pills, non-toxic glue (important!) and peppermint oil so you get that tingly feeling. That’s it: simple yet hella effective.

She mixes up the ingredients into a black paste, applies it (meanwhile skillfully avoiding her fake lashes and perfect eyeshadow - amazing) then waits about half an hour until her face becomes so tight she cannot even move her mouth, which we all know is the feeling of face mask victory.

Then comes the big reveal and the answer to the question we’ve all been wondering: does this thing really work?! Verdict: why yes. This thing is so damn tough it peeled off like a complete layer of skin, pulling with it a crap-load of blackheads and leaving us feeling strangely content with life.