A Harry Potter eyeshadow palette is *definitely* in the making

We’ve seen the swatches!

Consider yourself a bit of a Harry Potter aficionado? You might want to hold on to your Sorting Hats for this one.

We have confirmation that there is a Harry Potter eyeshadow palette in the works. FOR REALZ.

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First there was Harry Potter makeup brushes. Then, we lost it when we saw HP makeup palettes on Reddit, only to find out they were just mock-ups. And who could forget about the ~magical~ Hogwarts highlight and contour palette?!

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Now, Storybook Cosmetics – AKA the same people who brought us Harry Potter brushes – are creating the kind of eyeshadow palette we’ve only seen in the Mirror of Erised. Yep, it’s the stuff of our wildest dreams!

According to the Storybook Cosmetics Instagram page, the palette is only eight weeks away.

Time to start saving up our galleons!