All about Zoella

We sat down with vlogger star Zoe Sugg to talk beauty, boys and moving house.

All about Zoella

Not only does Zoella have one of the most insanely popular YouTube channels in the world (more than eight million subscribers!), as well as her very own best-selling book (and sequel to come!), the 25-year-old is also a BBC presenter and has launched Zoella Beauty. Talk about #lifegoals.

Sweet, down to earth and up for any question we throw at her, we spoke all about everything from her fave beauty brand through to her relationship with Alfie and what it’s really like to move out of home.

Last year, you launched your own beauty line – congratulations! What’s your fave product from Zoella Beauty?
“I love everything because the whole range is in the same scent; it’s strawberry, grapefruit and gardenia. I like scents 
that are fresh and feel really clean, so 
I wanted to go down that kind of route. My favourite is the bath fizzers; you can break each bit into sections and divide 
it up to use for different baths, which you can’t really do with other bath bombs.”

It was awesome for Zalfie shippers when you and Alfie said you were dating. How did you deal with that public attention?
“I still remember that day cos it was, ironically, the same day Tyler Oakley and I uploaded ‘The Boyfriend Tag’ as 
a joke. It was also the same day Troye Sivan came out online. So, everyone remembers this one day where all these really big things happened. We’d started our relationship as most people do, you know, just together. We decided to keep it offline cos a new relationship is enough pressure without everyone all judging everything. I think over time we have just become a little more comfortable. Not a lot’s changed but it’s much nicer to not have to think, ‘Oh, we can’t hold hands here!’ We can just be more chilled about it now that it’s no longer a secret.”

Not long ago, you moved out of your family home to a flat with Alfie. That would’ve meant huge changes! What do you wish you knew before you moved?
“I wish I had learnt how to sort out bills and paperwork. I don’t know about you but I never learnt any of that in school! You move out and suddenly you’re all like, ‘Right, I need gas and electricity, and how do I pay and where do I go to do this?’ Stuff like that was quite an eye opener. Also, having that responsibility 
to do things yourself. It’s all very exciting but at the same time there are things 
to learn. Thankfully, I knew how to use 
a washing machine, unlike Alfie!”

Tell us about your sense of style. Do you think you fit into a particular category?
“I can be kind of grungy and dark, wear lots of black and white as well as leather with Dr Martens. But then I can also be really girly with my collars and my little shirts. I guess it’s whatever I feel on the day; I mix it up every now and then.”

What’s your swear-by secret beauty tips?
“Get someone else to do your eyebrows if you struggle with them. I can’t believe 
I ever did it myself! The minute I had them done I wondered, ‘Why did I not do this sooner?’ Also, drink lots of water.”

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