Jeffree Star is now personally attacking Kylie Jenner

He's moved on from her Lip Kits.

By Bianca Mastroianni

UPDATE 20/5/16

Back in April, beauty guru Jeffree Star wasn't shy about saying he thought Kylizzle's Lip Kits were well, crap. More recently he claimed the formula was the same as a US$5 lip colour by cosmetics brand ColourPop.

Now, coz he's been bombarded on Twitter about his opinions, he's decided to climb aboard the Kylizzle hate train once again - and this time it's personal. Although he doesn't name her specifically, it's pretty obvy who he's going on about in this mini Twitter rant...

King Kylie is yet to respond to Jeffree but considering her Lip Kits sell out in a matter of HOURS and her website has actually broken Google before due to the high demand of her products, it's safe to say she doesn't really care about this negative review - as scathing as it may be.


Kylie Jenner has had some maaaajor success with her Lip Kits, so much so that their high demand once broke Google...


However, because of the insane interest in the product many, many makeup artists and bloggers have got their hands on one and questioned their quality... especially after the initial release came with dodgy wands.

Kyliz herself has said the wand issue has now been resolved, but beauty blogger Stephanie Nicole is STILL not impressed with the product.

This week she released a vid that claims Kylie Cosmetics' matte lipsticks have pretty much an identical formula to ColourPop matte lipsticks... but Kylizzle's version are obvs like, triple the price.

In a recent interview with Racked beauty guru Jeffree Star totally agreed with Stephanie's claims.

"She [Kylie] found a lab that makes a $5 formula and they're called ColourPop," he said. "They gave her the same exact one with her name on it and charged $20 more. I'm bored."

Kylie hasn't made a secret of where her Lip Kits are created, even posting an Instagram pic of herself in the ColourPop factory ..

It should be noted that MANY different cosmetic companies share factories to produce their products, and Kyliz hasn't made any attempt to deny her cosmetics line is any different.

Jeffree continued to absolutely roast Kylie's Lip Kits:

"If the product didn't suck, I wouldn't have anything to say," he said. "I was just giving my honest review."

It is interesting to see how well a product sells all because of a ~famous name~ on the packaging... let's just say we're sort of relieved the site crashed way before we put our order in.