Jenna Marbles' boyfriend did the voiceovers for her makeup tutorials and LOL you may die of laughter

Best. Tutorial. Ever.

By Erin Cook

Look, we’ll be honest – we do love a makeup tutorial. And we think we may have just discovered the best one yet.

If you're thinking, “That’s a big call DOLLY, are you sure?” We would like to thank you for your concern but we are sticking to our guns.

Resident YouTube funny woman Jenna Marbles is the genius in question who asked her boyfriend to do the voice-overs for her makeup tutorial.

Safe to say, the results were hilarious. A few of our choice quotes include: “I put foundation everywhere so it’s like a blank piece of paper with a tonne of makeup on it.” And: “This works if you like put it directly in your eye for enhanced night vision.”


Disclaimer: Please do NOT put foundation directly in your eye. It will hurt – a lot.