Kat Von D's Lock It foundation is actually magic and here's why


By Bianca Mastroianni
Kat Von D Lock It foundation is the best for coverage

It's no secret that Kat Von D's makeup line is #amazing.

We're guilty of fillin' up our Sephora basket with all her products and LOLing at the price when we visit the checkout... but if we could, we'd have it all.

Especially her "Lock It" foundation that has just been proved to be actual freaking magic.

Okay, it's a slight exaggeration... but you'll understand what we mean when you see the below pic.

"I work in the corporate world and DO NOT know what I would do without your foundation and concealer to cover my tattoo and all around great coverage. Thank you!" a very happy customer wrote about the makeup.

You can see that it effortlessly covers up the tattoo on her face, meaning BYE dark circles, BYE pimples and BYE whatever the hell else you wanna cover up.


You can get your own here.