Khloé Kardashian has revealed a foundation hack that'll change your life


By Nikki Kinstlinger

If the Kardashians have taught us anything throughout the years, it's definitely how to smooth, contour and highlight the hellfire out of our faces. These sisters are the unofficial ~KwEeNs~ of makeup. Heck, they’ve even capitalised on it and made their own products.

That said, they also have a butt-tonne of help when it comes to slapping that stuff all over their faces in the most precise way. Their “glam squads” include some of the best in the biz.

So when Khloé decided to spill one of her makeup artist’s secrets, we were allllllllllllllll ears.

Via her app, Khloe revealed she would often struggle to find a balance between having natural, lightly applied foundation and actually evening out her skin tone. Which we TOTALLY hear, because no-one wants to be a cake-face, but when a girl’s got blemishes where is she to turn, right?!

Well Koko’s makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli, told her there was a simple solution to this age-old problem: tinted moisturiser.

Bonelli suggests when you swap out your regular moisturiser for a tinted moisturiser BEFORE you apply your foundation, you'll create a perfect, even base. Why?

Because tinted moisturiser gives you a very light coverage which starts the work of evening out your skin tone. Once you have this nicely prepped base, you’ll find you need less foundation on top because you’re already halfway there. It’s like foundation layering 101!

Oh how lucky Khloé is to have a makeup guardian angel to whisper the answers to life’s hardest questions whenever she asks them.