Here's some more of Kylie's ~secret~ beauty rules

AND another new ~beauty collection~ you'll #NEED.

Kylie Jenner has quickly become the gal we look up to for beauty advice - from her ~al naturale~ amazing skin to her wacky hair changes.

Speaking to Elle about some of her most #basic beauty rules, we learnt some pretty interesting stuff about King Kylie's primping routine.

Just like us, Kylie totally gets pimples when she's hormonal (oh hai dere period), and also just like us... she pops the hell out of them.

"Usually pop it, which is bad." Bad... but addictive.

Kylie also revealed the best beauty advice she received from her family as a kid.

"Khloe gave me a lot of beauty advice like sunscreen, take off all your makeup, don't touch your face that much, and stuff like that that's stuck with me. But other than that, I feel like I teach them things more than they teach me things."

Slay honey. You da queen.

Kylie also took the time to promote her new nail polish line - YEP, YOU HEARD RIGHT! - The King Kylie Collection for SinfulColors will come in 20 different shades and OMG we're freaking out.

Some of names we can expect from the collection, which may give you some clues about colours, include: Koko-Nuts, Yeezy x Balmain, Miss Chief (the colour of Kylie's pink wig at Vera Wang).

Add that the wishlist under Kylie's lipkit... you know, if it ever lasts more than 2.5 seconds on sale. XOXO

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