We *might* be gifted with a Kylie Jenner eyebrow kit real soon

Wish list!

Yass, you heard right. Kylie Jenner could be releasing an eyebrow kit after the OBVIOUS success of her lip kits.

Granted, getting your hands on one of those things is next to impossible - and if you have one, hold onto dat like you're smeagol with the ring.

Kylie took to Twitter to ask fan what they wanted next from Kylie cosmetics. She created a poll which included eyeshadows, bronzers, an eyebrow kit or loose powders.

How konsiderate King Kylie...

With 172,169 total votes (so passionate about them Kylie kits y'all), 47% voted for eyebrow kits because let's be real, it's all about getting those brows on fleek lately.

Iggy Azalea added her own thoughts on the matter, seemingly desperate for 100 orders of a contour kit before anything else.

Fingers crossed that her next product is available for more than 2.5 seconds. XOXO

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