This is the biggest mistake you’re making when filling in your brows

According to Kylizzle's makeup artist.

She may be known for her lips but Kylie Jenner’s brows are also the stuff of #GOALS. So when her makeup artist Ariel Tejada gave away the secret to her ~perfect~ brows, we called our mums to say we’d be home late for dinner cos we had more important things to do.

Sharing all his wisdom on Kylie’s app/website, Ariel explained the number-one mistake most people make when filling in their brows...

"Some people get confused with eyebrows," he says in the tutorial. "The overall objective is to fill in the sparse areas, not to fill in your entire brow."

Dang, makes perfect sense really.

Working his magic on Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods, Ariel filled in the sparse areas, then combed her brows and lightly filled in any remaining gaps. He warns now to draw a line through your WHOLE brow unless you wanna go for that crazy bold look and hey, power to ya if you can pull that off. XOXO

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