OMG: Kylie Jenner has starred in an epic short film

Well this was unexpected.

Leave it to King Kylie to create en epic short film to promote a new beauty line. And we aren't talking a rainbows and butterflies kinda film, but gangsters and dolled-up gals makin' it rain benjamins.

And it's all to promote her new Lip Kit GLOSS. That's right, gloss.

It's no surprise Kylie is expanding the line, considering the amount of success its achieved in such a short time, like... Her Lip Kit website even broke Google.

The short film has a very ~gHeTtO~ vibe to it, which is totally Kylie's jam.

Anyway, the new colours are amazingly named: "Like," "Literally," "So cute."

How, very, fitting.

There's no doubt these new kits will sell out quicker than you can say "that's so annoying," but regardless, they're gorj.

Kylie also snapped the launch party which made us instantly jealous because the kits were being handed out for free and we were all just sitting here like PLZ Kylie, throw some our way.

Anyway, her empire expands.

WATCH: Here's your first look at the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit GLOSS colours