Kylie Jenner lets us in on her favourite pimple treatment

Through a Snapchat tutorial, of course.

If there's one thing King Kylie loves doing it's using Snapchat, and DUH we watch them religiously (sorry not sorry).

Kylizzle is always flaunting her perfect skin, freckles and all and we wonder how she keeps it so clear and ~perfect looking~ (especially when she gets glammed up so frequently).

Well last night Kylie let all her fans in on a little skincare secret by revealing her fave blemish product: Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion.

"If any of you have a little pimple, this is a drying lotion that I love," Kylie explained.

"You take your little swab, and DON'T SHAKE IT, and you get down deep in there - get your solution and then you apply... BOOP."

You can get your own lil bottle of magical pimple vanish cream right here.

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