Kylie Jenner is giving us all skincare tips and we've never been more ready

Got ya notepad handy?

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kylie Jenner loves to experiment with a bunch of different make up looks, fact.

Wearing that much make up can put a lot of strain on your skin, but SOMEHOW hers is #literally #flawless.

So how does she do it?! WELL she has spoken to Cosmopolitan dishing out alllllll her secrets.

Thanks Kyliz.

"The one skincare hack I swear by is to always put suncream on your hands, my sister Khloe tells me to do this all the time. I like Tizo3 mineral sunscreen, I try to wear it on my hands and face as much as I can."

"Sometimes I forget to take my makeup off if I'm really tired, but I am trying to stop that! To remove a full face of makeup I use the NIP+FAB Glycolic Cleanser – it removes everything – and the NIP+FAB Kale Fix Pads are great for removing my eye makeup as they are gentle around the eye area."

"To care for my lips I use Chap Stick all the time, I always have one in my bag, it's an essential! I have new colours for my lip products launching soon which is exciting. I love that my fans are really loving my Lip Kits so far. I am working hard to expand my Kylie Cosmetics line… there is so much coming up but I can't say right now!"