Kylie Jenner just gifted Snapchat with a tutorial you'll NEED in your life

Thank the hair gods!

Ever wanted Kylie Jenner's iconic hair? Well now you can have all that hair on yo head looking as good as the King herself, because we have a personal tutorial.

Kylie had her best friend Jordyn film celeb hairstylist Jan Atkin going through each step of cutting Kylie's hair into an asymmetrical masterpiece, and the results look pretty fab.

Can we please appreciate how we also nearly heard Kylie belting out a ~melodic tune~ when she's scolded hard to have her chin down.

Pls raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimised by a hairdresser for this...

But for reals, we are digging the 'do Kylz. If you show these vids to your hairdresser we guarantee you could be flickin' your hair down the street with pride.

Re-watch every snap here.

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