Kylie Jenner swears by this skincare product, but it'll make you VERY confused

Just another revolutionary Kylie trick...

We can always leave it to Kylie Jenner to reveal her most secret ~beauty tricks~ and ~tips~ and naturally, we cling onto every word.

With a face that is always glown', we wonder how she keeps her skin in pristine condition -especially when she's constantly getting glammed up.

In a recent Snapchat video (standard), Kylie revealed to the fandom that she uses men's skincare, more specifically Nivea For Men's Post-Shave Balm (eh?!) to keep her oily skin in check.


In the vid, her makeup artist Hrush Achemyan shows us the technique she uses - she applies the shaving balm with a sponge then layers on foundation, which helps create an overall matte finish.

2016 is ALL about the #matte.

You gottta let that balm sink in before applying any foundation though, so patience is key.

Kylie, whether it's your Lip Kits, favourite pimple cream or hair tutorials, you really are starting to become the kween of beauty and we are all bowing down to you RN.

So grateful, so blessed.

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