Kylie Jenner’s ALL-TIME favourite lipstick is NOT one of her own

NGL this is a bit of a surprise.

By Sammy Stewart

Kylie Jenner,aka the lipstick kween, has revealed her all-time favourite lippy and SHOCK HORROR it's NOT one of her beloved Lip Kit creations...

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So which lucky lippy has a special place in Kylizzle's heart?

On her app/website, Kylie explained how she used to always look for lip colours that made her lips look bigger (before her Lip Kits of course.) She discovered M.A.C. matte colour in Whirl and pretty much became obsessed.

Kylie explains: "I was always trying to make my lips look bigger, but I didn't want people to know I was actually wearing lipstick," she said. "I would go to the store to find colors that looked nude, but no-one was wearing nude lipstick!"

"I was really into it, but once everyone figured out what I was wearing, it would sell out," Kylie said.

Unlike her Lip Kits, which are pretty much impossible to buy if you live outside of America, you can actually get order this colour online right now and it WON'T leave you broke.

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