Lottie Tomlinson is now an official YouTube Beauty Guru

Louis’ little sister is here to share her makeup ~wisdom~

Lottie Tomlinson, aka Louis of One Direction’s little sister has also had an eye for makeup.

First up she started helping out the boy’s hairstylist Lou Teasdale, and then started appearing on famous YouTube’s channels like Tanya Burr, and then became the ~personal makeup artist~ to the boy’s girlfriends.

Clearly taking her passion for all things beauty to the next level, the 17-year-old has FINALLY started a YouTube channel and has already posted two ~amazing~ tutorials.

The first video is a guide to achieving a glamorous sparkly pout, where she applies a pretty pink Maybelline lipstick and plenty of shimmer.


Next up, Miss Lottie shows us how to achieve a ~GORGEOUS~ mermaid aqua blue lid, and proves that blue eye shadow can be your friend.


The super-easy makeup tutorials only goes for a couple of minutes, and instead of talking us through them, Lottie pops her step-by-step guide in the description box.

So, what will Miss Tomlinson do next?!

fingers crossed it’s a mascara tutorial cos’ this girls lashes are legit all of our lash goals