MAC have created magnetic eyeshadows and they are mesmerising

Is there anything they can’t do?

By Erin Cook

PSA: the nice folk over at MAC Cosmetics have just announced they will be releasing magnetic eyeshadows and metallic foundations.

Safe to say, we’re pretty excited.

The new limited-edition Spellbinder Shadows are magnetised and charged. While it may sound pretty cool, do we actually need magnetic eyeshadows?

Turns out, they’re pretty handy. Being magnetised ensures that the loose powder won’t fall out. While speaking to Allure Nicole Masson Vice President of MAC said the Spellbinder Shadows will give you "all the benefits-intensity, richness, the creaseless finish of a loose powder in a much less messy way." That sounds like a pretty enticing deal to us! Show us a woman – or man, for that matter – who doesn’t struggle with loose powder and we will show you a liar.

If one ~game changing~ product wasn’t enough, we’ve also heard news of a new MAC Metallic Face and Body foundation.

One application of these bad boys and you’ll be glowing all over.

Senior MAC makeup artist Dominic Skinner took to Instagram to reveal the two new shimmer shades: Just a Hint and Million Dollar Bling. From the sounds of it, he’s been using these metallic foundations for years. “This iconic backstage favourite has the most expensive looking glow built in, with the same skin like coverage," he said. Iconic? Backstage? In that case, we’ll take one of each, thank-you-very-much.

MAC are releasing their Spellbinder Shadows in the US this month! Whereas the MAC Metallic Face and Body foundation release date is still under wraps. Stay tuned news of when they will be available down under...

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