You can totally MAKE your own ~perfume~ using this hack

Step aside, Paris, Taylor, Selena, 1D…

Victoria's Secret Fantasies Fragrance Studio

Getting new fragrances for Christmas is amazing and all but sometimes you end up getting the EXACT same ones as your friends and so all end up smelling the same.

Or worse, sometimes you get a couple which just ain't your thang. BUT before you list them on eBay or use them as a room spray, save 'em so you can make you own ~ personalised~ scent.

But how? DW, let us explain. You can make your own signature scent by "fragrance layering" which is basically where you mix two scents together BUT not by pouring them out and swishing them around – this ain’t no science experience - instead you spritz one on…

Then spray the other on to create your ~hybrid~ scent… eau du (insert your name here).


The scent will be so unique to you that every time bae walks past he’ll be all like:



You want to go for scents that complement each other, not clash, so mixing two fruity fragrances together is going to be WAY too much and will stink out your classroom. Don't do that.

Here's your cheat sheet:

1. Mix a woody scent (those that smell like sandalwood or cedar) with a creamy scent so one that smells like vanilla, chocolate or coconut.

2. Mix a floral scent with a citrusy one (so those that smell like lemon, orange and lime).

3. Mix herbal scents (those that smell like mint or basil) with fruity, berry-based scents.

To make it EVEN easier, stick to fragrances from the same range, like the ones in Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Fragrance Studio, which are MADE to go together. There's 19 is the collection (well, there's an extra four “Holiday” edition ones that have been added just for Christmas) and you can just mix and match any of them and they just #Werk. Best of all you can play around with them in store before you hand over your hard-earned pocket money. WINNING!

TIP: When inventing your ~hybrid~ perfume, spray it one wrist only first so that if the combo doesn't work you can easily wash it off.

TIP 2: Spray your two fragrances and have a smell, then reverse the order you spray them on your other wrist and see which one you like best. Weirdly, two scents can actually smell COMPLETELY different when layered differently. #Fact

Brought to you by Victoria's Secret