This girl has redefined #HighlighterGoals by doing a full face of makeup with glitter

Who new glitter contouring was possible?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Girl does a full face of makeup with glitter only

You may think your highlighter is on #fleek, but it's absolutely nothing compared to the masterpiece this gal has created.

British makeup artist Katie Butt decided that the ordinary foundation and bronzer wasn't enough to portray her inner unicorn, so she replaced all her makeup with glitter.

You may think that glitter is restricted to a '90s hair-do and some funky eye-shadow, but Katie has proven that you can go as far as contouring and getting an A+ brow game with it.

Just look...

The final result? Well, if you've ever wondered what a walking, talking disco ball looked like...

... it's chic AF.

Glitter not your thing? What about ~rhinestones~. Okay, so this semi makes us think of vajazzling (look it up), but somehow, she's rocked this too.

Makeup has NO limits.

Now, BRB while we replace our makeup drawer with glitter/rhinestone ERRYTHING.