The natural way to plump up your lips makes so much sense we feel silly for not thinking of it first

And it'll make eating sushi that much better...

By Bianca Mastroianni
Wasabi is the natural way to plump your lips

This guy was really onto something back in the early 2000's...

But just like many great discoveries, it takes someone else's idea, and a few years later to really crack it.

Although he was singing about wasabi being a great sushi accompaniment and it being hot AF, it's totally hot in a different way. Like a Paris Hilton "that's hot" kinda way.

How? It plumps up those lippies of yours, Kylie Jenner style (minus the injections lol).

Farrah Dhukai, beauty YouTuber, has made the discovery in her newest vid that wasabi totally works as a lip filler.

"Natural Lip Fillers - get soft, plump, full, lips without needles or sucking on cups or objects. As you may have noticed, I have very wrinkly lips and its cold AF in Toronto so now they're super dry too. Wrinkly + Dry - worst combination ever!! SOOO…THIS one trick is a great way to get plump lips that look like you've had fillers - they'll be extremely soft, wrinkles will be filled in, they'll have a natural pink color, and they'll be so plump ppl will think you've had them done"

She recommends rubbing the wasabi on your lips and leaving it on for no longer than 1 minute. Wipe it off with a damp cloth or facial wipe and immediately moisturise.

NGL, it worked for her, and since we don't wanna jab our lips with fillers but ceebs 'over-lining' them all the time, we're up for this technique.