The #1 hair trend on Pinterest is going to be your absolute DREAM for summer


By Bianca Mastroianni
#1 hair trend on Pinterest is perfect for Summer

Hair, we love havin' it, but god dammit it takes all our energy in the morning to make sure it looks good.

Sometimes when we wake up looking like Hagrid, we feel like giving up completely...

... BUT, Pinterest recently revealed their trend predictions for 2017 and they expect 'braid-made' waves to make a huge comeback.

So, wth is 'braid-made' hair?!

Simple, sleep with your hair in braids and in the morning take 'em out to reveal baben', natural, NO HEAT curls.

Insights on Pinterest predicted this trend based on the 'no-heat' aspect making it 40% more popular. Ah, we're all about that healthy hair lyf.

Not only does it look fab, but it saves you an extra ten minutes in bed/time to check your Instagram feeds for that liiiiittle bit longer in the morn.