OMG. Ariana Grande ditched her signature pony tail

~BEHOLD~ Ariana’s natural hair…(it’s gorgeous)

They say you’ve got more of a chance to spot a pink dolphin in the harbour than see Ariana Grande sporting a new hairstyle.

We’ve become so used to seeing Ariana rock the half up-slightly waved- pony tail that she’s become known for ever since the days of Victorious. But apparently times are changing, because Miss Grande has been rocking a brand new do’ and ~SPOILER ALERT~ it’s curly!

Ariana posted a bunch of selfies showing off her gorgeous and HEALTHY natural curly hair along with the caption “peekaboo healthy curls long time no see.”

In the past Ariana has dyed her naturally brown hair bright red, a light brown and a blonde ombre, as well as straightening it for years which would’ve taken a toll on her hair’s health.

Now that she’s embraced her natural colour and allowed her hair time to replenish itself, there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll be seeing a whole lot more hairstyles on Miss Grande.