Girls unite to slam make-up shamers

#ThePowerOfMakeup has gone viral and we’re loving it…

Beauty blogger Nikkie made headlines across the interweb when she created a vlog called The Power of Make-up, which aimed to stop make-up shamers. In the vid, Nikki slammed people who accused girls of wearing make-up to mask insecurities, and said she purely wore make-up for the fun of it (like most of us).

The cool thing is, Nikki started an anti make-up shaming revolution using the hashtag #ThePowerofMakeup. Thousands of girls jumped on board and started posting photos with make-up on one half of their face to show how wearing a little make-up made them feel more confident. Or in Nikkie’s words: “Make-up is for days when you want to look hella good.” Right on, sister.

Check out some of the ladies across the world who have embraced the revolution by showing their made-up slash not made-up (yet equally as beautiful) faces.

Get ready to be inspired: