Riverdale makeup tutorials are a thing and we're obsessed

These are ~fire AF~

By Jessica Lynch

Riverdale only has one episode left for this season (noooo!)

So if you, much like us, aren’t ready to let go of the crew from Riverdale High just yet, then try out some of these ahh-mazing tutorials we’ve come across from other dedicated fans – it’d be ~perf~ for your next dress up party.

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So whether you’re envious of Betty’s sleek AF ponytail, Veronica's TDF brows, or Cheryl’s cherry-red pout, we’ve got all the tutorials to have you looking like you’re straight outta Riverdale.

1. This Cheryl Blossom makeup tutorial is SPOT ON!

2. Such a super cute look for Betty Cooper

3. This Veronica Lodge look is sassy AF

4. If you’re a Josie fan, this one’s for you

5. And for if you can’t decide whether to be Veronica, Cheryl or Betty..