There's now makeup that's designed to make you look better in selfies

The people asked and they answered.

Selfie fans, rejoice, 'cos we've got some great news for ya.

Makeup companies are now developing their products with selfie lighting in mind.

"Huh?" we hear you cry. Let us explain. When cosmetic companies make new products, they test them under different lights - indoor, outdoor, and fluorescent bulbs. But now, with the rise of the selfie, companies like CoverGirl are testing using the selfie cam on the iPhone 5 and 6.

Speaking to the New York Times, CoverGirl's principal scientist Sarah Vickery said: "We've got one type of consumer who is constantly taking pictures, and what really matters to her and her social group is how she looks in a selfie."


Apparently, foundations that are matte look better IRL than in photos, yet foundations that are dewy look better in photos than IRL, so companies are searching for a happy medium. Which CoverGirl reckon they've found with their Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation AKA the first product of theirs that's tested for selfies.

Avon also started testing products using selfies, and their Ultracolour Bold lipstick was released with 50% more pigment to give you more pop in your Instagram pout, and make you your lipstick looks the same colour as IRL in your pics.

So fancy, huh?