Shay Mitchell has revealed her biggest beauty secrets

~Changes entire beauty routine to match Shay's~

By Matt Galea
Shay Mitchell has revealed her biggest beauty secrets

If we could have a sneak peek at any celeb’s beauty routine, we would defs pick Shay Mitchell’s!

The girl has ~flawless~ skin 24/7 and a glow that you could legit see from space!

Lucky for us sneaky beauty lovers, the Pretty Little Liars star shared her best kept beauty secrets in a new interview.

“I don’t think there is any beauty trend that I hate because something may not work on me but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work on other people,” she explained.

“That’s what makes beauty and makeup so fun! If everybody did the same thing, it would be such a boring world, so I love that people try different trends and play around with makeup—that’s what it’s meant for.”

Uh huh, uh huh, sounds good so far Shay, but you gotta give us some gold!

“What I learned from working with makeup artists is [how important it is to] take care of myself,” she reveals. “If I’ve been traveling a lot or I haven’t been drinking enough water, or getting enough sleep, my skin tends to get really dry and flaky.”

Hmmmm, interesting.

Keep going!

“I wear a lot of makeup during the day, but then I’m sure to take it all off as soon as I get home. I try to get as much sleep and drink as much water as I can, too.”

She then went on to discuss what she’d do if she only had five minutes to get ready – a girl’s biggest nightmare, right!?

Here’s Shay’s way…

“[If I had five minutes to get ready] I would probably do an all-over light foundation. Using the matte Smashbox palette I would do a very natural wash into the crease, a little mascara, a little highlight, a little contour, maybe a little strobing,” she advises.

”I don’t know if we’ve passed five minutes yet! My beauty routine is probably a good 15 minutes. Give me 15 minutes and I’ll be okay, give me five and I’m not coming out [laughs].”

Our girl gave us some ~sage~ advice, there!

We’ll defs be adding those tips to our beauty regime ‘cos if anyone knows beauty, it’s this babe!