Shay Mitchell's budget beauty tricks

The Pretty Little Liars star reveals that getting her look will only cost you your loose change.

Shay Mitchell

Fact: Shay Mitchell never steps out of her home looking anything less than a million bucks.

But in news that has us cheering, the Pretty Little Liars star has revealed that her biggest beauty secrets are products you can get from your local supermarket.

“Because I wear so much makeup, especially lipstick, on the show, my lips are always chapped,” Shay spilled to US Weekly.

“So when I come home, it’s nice to take all of that off and go back to basics. I put on Carmex before I got to sleep, and when I wake up, I’m all set to go. There’s nothing worse than chapped lips!”

We hear you, Miss Mitchell. And yes, Carmex, of which Shay is the new face, will only set you back your loose change. #winning

Shay also revealed how she keeps her incredible ombre mane in perfect condition, and her answer totally surprised us.

“I always travel with coconut oil. I use it on my hair, or as a cleanser. It’s a secret my mom taught me,” the 27-year-old explained.

“She always used it growing up in the Philippines, and she still has amazing, beautiful hair, so she must have done something right!”

Yep, you can use coconut oil in the kitchen and on your locks.

Runs out to buy one million jars

And when it comes to skincare advice, Shay says it’s all in the power of the brush.

“I have a pretty dedicated skin regime, but one part I could improve on is cleaning my brushes more! We forget how often they are on our skin and need to be cleaned just like our faces,” Shay explained to Glamour.

“My suggestion is to spend time on a Friday night when you are staying in so they will be ready the next day.”

If you don’t mind a little bit of Shay Mitchell in your life, you should check out her blog, Amore and Vita, which features her fashion, new experiences, beauty know-how and more.