This student found a genius way to cheat in his exam

FYI: We don't condone cheating, but we've got to admit this is pretty clever.

By Jessica Lynch

Forget writing down cheat sheets on your hand, one crafty student has found the craziest and craftiest way of hiding formulas for his physics exam – behind his fingernails!

Posting to Twitter, the user - who goes by the name Andrew – showed off his deviously deceiving mani, pasting teeny tiny formulas to the underside of his own nails.

"With the printer I can fit three formulas per nail," he revealed.

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The Twitterverse praised the user for his ingenious cheating method, and, as usual, it soon snowballed into a bunch of users posting hilarious memes.

While we totally don’t condone cheating in your exams, we’ve gotta admit this is pretty damn clever!