This strange ‘T. Rex hands’ craze is completely taking over your Instagram feed

And you’ve probably done it without even realising.

There has been close to 78.5 million* selfies that have been uploaded to the land of Instagram ever since the front-facing camera became a thing. And if you thought there couldn’t POSSIBLY be type of selfie, you are wrong.

*not verified.

The most recent trend is probably our most adored one yet - it's known as the the ‘T. Rex hands’ selfies. Are you even surprised that it's animal based?! Hello fish gapes, duck lips ETC.

Are these animals keeping something vital from us?!

Huda Kattan, self-verified princess of Instagram, recently shared a video of her fave selfie poses including the one that she named after the beloved Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, and we can legit see the resemblance.

We are going to credit Kylie Jenner with this pose because her Snapchat vids are basically just her flaunting her T. Rex hands around her lips and face, but they've also been seen lurking in many other pics.

Huda explained that to do the pose you simply bend your fingers like a claw and position your hand over your chin, hair or even forehead. The pose earnt its name because “if you zoom out and you do it to both hands, you look kind of like a T. Rex.”


Check out more celebs rockin’ the rex hands…

Now go stalk your own Instagram profile and count how many times you've done it.

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