Girl applies 100 layers of hair extensions and it’s sort of mesmerising…

Sort of.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Somehow, applying 100 layers of things that should really only have like, one or two layers of, has become a ~thing~ the internet is obsessed with.

We've seen it with hot wax, dry shampoo and even foundation. Now, we're seeing it with ~hair extensions~.

Why? No bloody clue, other than the fact it gets the vlogger bazillions of hits, and provides us with a good 2 minutes of entertainment.

Blogger Kayley Melissa decided to take it nek level with this new imaginative idea, and can we just say...mermaid goals much?

Here's was the bae looked like without 100 layers of hair extensions (but approx like, 4 or 5).

As time went on her and her head became heavier than Samara's from The Ring, she explained to feel miserable.

"I don't know how to feel anymore," she says after applying her 75th weft.

Somehow, she manages to create this masterpiece from it, and that's that for your 2 minutes of entertainment. Laters.