Those 'on fleek' brows are so #OUT... here's what your brows should look like come 2017

Kim Kardashian's makeup artist has called it.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Boxed in eyebrows are not in style anymore

If there has been one makeup revolution as of late (past couple of years, really), that has changed the game... it's that those tufts of hair above your eyes are SO IMPORTANT!!!!

Eyebrows officially became a thing when people discovered just how good it looked to colour them in.

Note: Zendaya, Kardashians, every makeup-artist ever...

Now, however, makeup ~guru~ Mario Dedivanovic aka Kim Kardashian's makeup-artist has predicted/made the claim that those boxy, Instagram brows are not on trend come 2017...

Talking at his mini master class over the weekend, Mario defined the Instagram brow that's gotta go.

Instagram brow:

Hey, if they're your jam then rock 'em... but here's what he says is coming for the brow game.

"Don't draw boxy lines; it's time for something new — your brows can still be strong, but you want them be soft, not harsh-looking."

It's all about then feathered brows now...

It's definitely more natural looking, and maybe even easier to construct (yay!).

"It's all about layering on the products and the amount of pressure you use to apply them, which determines how light or dark your brows come out," he explains.

"I usually start by brushing the brows up or down [with a spoolie], and then I lightly fill them in anywhere they need it with a brow pencil [Anastasia is his go-to] — mainly along the outer corners. Next, I define the shape by taking a brow brush and shadow — I use one that's one shade lighter than the pencil I used beforehand, which softens the look and adds dimension — to set everything. Then, I use a spoolie with hair spray, brow gel, or a glue from Alcone to brush the brow into place."

BRB, trying this rn.