Bella Thorne opens up about why she's always changing her hair colour

We thought Kylie was a hair chameleon...

By Bianca Mastroianni
Why Bella Thorne is constantly changing her hair

If you keep up with the scandalous life of Bella Thorne, you'll know that she's a bit of a hair chameleon.

So why all the change? Well, she's recently opened up to People mag, saying that "“It feels good and I always love funky hair colors. I always wanted blue hair, I wanted green hair, purple hair, so it’s just fun to do."

"“After you have extensions in for a while, it can start to look a little ratty. Even though it was growing and it was getting long, it was still looking kind of split at the ends. I dyed it blue, just because I felt like it."


She also explained just how close her and her sister Dani Thorne are, and TBH they're #SiblingGoals.

"My sister dyed hers pink and we just like doing it to be matching and coordinated. It was just fun. Her boyfriend did his color too. It was cool.”

She added that, "We’re already basically twins. When people see us, they get us confused all the time. It’s like the best compliment. We literally love it. We get to do cool stuff together all the time, we got septums together, we got so many piercings. We get matching tattoos. We’re always just doing funky, cool, hipster stuff.”

Sisters, amiright?!